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Solar Canopies in Atlantic Canada


For a Clean and Profitable parking !

Solar Canopies

These days, parking lots can take up a lot of space. A dilemma for many organizations is:

How to get this space profitable? Charge for parking? This could deter customers from visiting your premises.

Or, offer parking for free in the hope that it will boost footfall and therefore sales?

Is there a better way for businesses to take advantage of all that unused space? Solar Canopy could be the solution ...

Advantages and Benefits of opting for a Solar Canopy :


Efficient and profitable use of parking space


Can be used as a marketing tool:

Advertising display, demonstration of the company's ecological approach, ...


Protection of vehicles against rain, snow and heat


Possibility of being coupled with a charging station for electric vehicle.


Use of bifacial solar panels for maximum productivity

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